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We Solemnly Swear We’re Up To No Good 

We are beyond excited to reveal the beautiful poster print for The Gathering Storm: A Marauders Fan Film, by the incredibly talented Sara Richard.

And yes, the print (signed by the artist and the cast!) is available as a reward on the film’s Kickstarter! Pick yours up, and help us keep the magic alive!

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I like books that aren’t just lovely but that have memories in themselves. Just like playing a song, picking up a book again that has memories can take you back to another place or another time.”
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"a part of voldemort lives inside him

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→ Numbing the pain

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if you think i seem thirsty for attention

  1. i am
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Hermione’s Style

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#Harry Potter and the time where every scene is a close-up to his face

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Fantastic beasts and where to find them

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Harry could feel Ron shaking.[…] ‘HERMIONE!’ Ron bellowed, and he started to writhe and struggle against the ropes tying them together, so that Harry staggered. ‘HERMIONE! HERMIONE! HERMIONE!’[…] Harry felt the ropes fall away and turned, rubbing his wrists, to see Ron running around the cellar, looking up at the low ceiling, searching for a trapdoor. […] Ron was now trying to Disapparate without a wand. […] Hermione’s screams echoed off the walls upstairs, Ron was half sobbing as he pounded the walls with his fists. (Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows)

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They were a motley collection; a mixture of the weak seeking protection, the ambitious seeking some shared glory, and the thuggish gravitating toward a leader who could show them more refined forms of cruelty.

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okay hi guys so a few weeks ago I posted a promo thing but I couldn’t do it because my laptop broke and now it’s working again but I can’t find the post anymore :((( so I’m making another post

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